Pay Per Click (PPC)
Case Study

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With the bespoke build of ADHD 360’s web application, the team wanted to increase website traffic and ultimately, conversions. As a result, we advised that Pay Per Click Advertising would be a high returning, quick turnaround marketing strategy to perform this result.

The Challenge
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ADHD 360 had no previous PPC data or analytics of any kind previous to us building their new, modern website. They didn’t know what keywords and phrases they wanted to challenge for, as this was their first introduction to PPC (pay per click advertising) and they didn’t know how their competitors were performing in this area. Additionally, their website was not prepared to entice conversions or interest because the content and user experience on the site hadn’t been considered for this previously.

The Solution
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We devised a full re-mapping and design to ADHD 360’s website and content, with the focus of delivering answers to searchers, and creating a conversion strategy through User Experience and Design. 

A full website re-build occurred, shortly before we built a completely new PPC Google AdWords set up, structured using AdGroups & Detailed AdCopy to direct traffic to exactly where they need to land on the website, offering them a solutions to the problems that were searching for.

Continuously, on a daily basis, our team amends and optimises the campaign – enhancing on positive data and reducing on negative data to improve the campaign, showing greater returns on the investment again and again.

The Result
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To date, we have been able to show a month-on-month average ROI of over 1100% against the recurring investment. Bringing in over 300+ leads per month consistently and converting at a rate of between 15-20%. All of this on a very affordable and reasonable initial outlay into the campaign set-up and initiation.