Design & Video For Social Media
Case Study

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As part of our Unlimited Design & Unlimited Video package, we helped create social media return on investment through social video content and social graphic content.

The Challenge
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Like many businesses out there, ADHD 360 didn’t fully understand how a professional, visual, branded focused social media presence could bring a return of investment through brand engagement and brand awareness. 

We showcased our visual design and video portfolio and the client quickly understood how the difference in visual skill level.

The client’s social media had a very little following or consistency so we needed to take this as a fresh start.

The Solution
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After client understanding and research, we developed a social media content strategy that focused on engagement at its core, with secondary objectives to demonstrate an informative and educational theme for people curious about ADHD; wanting to understand more. 

We utilised graphic designed content, videography content (for all socials including TikTok), photography content and animation content. Our expert designers were able to assist with quick content creation, scheduling, reporting and reassessing for future detailed strategies.

The Result
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ADHD 360’s social media activity is now a successful traffic revenue for their website, generating a monthly conversion return of investment of 559%. The social media channels for the business are growing to new audiences every week, showcasing well-thought-out content to educate and deliver an understanding of how ADHD 360 can help their customers.