Search Engine Optimisation
Case Study

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APCarlisle are a secondary branch to Aerial Platforms Ltd in the access platform industry and wanted to establish a new branding, website and SEO presence within the local area of Carlisle and the surrounding areas.

The Challenge
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APCarlisle was a completely new set-up, starting on a new domain name with no previous Domain Authority. So we had to establish an SEO presence from no previous data, keywords in that area and equity. We also didn’t want to strongly compete with APL’s main website; aiming to have both websites complete in the rankings in strong positions.

The Solution
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We required an SEO optimised website, built from scratch in a timely manner with it’s own, unique design to differ it from the main umbrella website, yet keeping in a small hint of the same branding. We designed and then developed a custom website for APC on an affordable budget before crafting content dedicated to the target keywords and keyphrases in the area. 

Next, we optimised the entire website and began a backlink strategy to quickly see results through the local areas around Carlisle.

The Result
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As a result of the new website built, content writing and backlink strategy, we were able to establish APCarlisle at the top of the search rankings very quickly. We were able to efficiently able to meet the keyword targets within just a couple of months budget, getting into the top 3 positions for 9 target keywords, and now building rankings for 20+ keywords moving forward.