Search Engine Optimisation
Case Study

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Aerial Platforms Ltd required an all-round approach solution to SEO work, covering all 4 pillars of SEO. Previously they had only targeted certain elements of SEO with their previous company and wanted to experience all SEO activity to see further improvement.

The Challenge
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APL had a previous, less optimised for SEO website that also didn’t consider the user journey as important. We wanted to begin with the foundation and start afresh with their website to make it completely user-focused and give it a modern twist. (Read more about APL Website re-build here). On top of that, we did also have a lack of new content and duplicated content across the website.

APL also had never gone through proper reporting metrics, so at this point had no idea what keywords they were being ranked, no idea what their strategy was and wasn’t seeing month-on-month success from their investment.

The Solution
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We build, from scratch, a bespoke new website that focused on the user experience with a modern, unique twist for their products. We also ensured that the full site was search engine optimised with fast load speeds and a very user-friendly experience on mobile. 

Now, we continuously run through all 4 pillars of SEO, performing technical, on-site, off-site and content SEO to show continuous growing results across search engines, followed by reporting and keyword rankings.

The Result
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Now, APL rank between the number 1 position and number 3 position for over 100+ keywords and phrases, dominating their industry on the Google rankings throughout the country. 

They also rank on the first page for over 290+ keywords, while aiming long-term to be ranking higher for over 360+ keywords.

At present, our work results in between 160 and 200 new and improved keyword and keyphrase changes per month; showing continuous improvement across search rankings.