SEO Optimised Website Development
Case Study

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We first designed then developed a custom bespoke website for Aerial Platforms Ltd to revamp their previous, old-looking feel, user journey and website.

The Challenge
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Aerial Platforms Ltd requested that we design a website that was slick and different to others out there. The objective was to move away from the traditional design and consider a dark theme that was inspired by Apple. We were also asked to discover a way to showcase their products in a new, vibrant way in order to hold the interest of the users and to make the experience a unique one.

The Solution
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Using Apple’s inspiration of parallax scrolling design, we developed a bespoke scroll-down effect on APL’s products, showcasing them on a spinning pedestal. We also incorporated a full new design for the rest of the website through s dark styling yet simple, with splashes of colour to show vibrancy on key statistics and product information. 

As it required to be both user-friendly, slick but also SEO optimised, we created unique backend sub-sections so that admin users can easily find, amend and add to the website – helping it grow as a site.

The Result
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APL are in love with their new website and it’s been designed in a fashion so that its design is futuristic-modern, future-proofing it to last a long time and so radically different throughout the industry, that it truly captures the attention of their target audience and visitors. 

We’re really excited about APL’s new website and thrive from being able to continuously adjust it and add to it over time.