Web Application Development
Case Study

ADHD 360: Web App Development

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The creation of this bespoke platform has led to an increase in clinical capacity that has resulted in our client, ADHD 360, being able to service both private patients and NHS contracts cheaper, quicker and to higher quality than other services, which ultimately benefits the patient.

The Challenge
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ADHD 360 was a new private ADHD clinic when we met them, aiming to reduce the stress on the mental health sections of the NHS, while providing a faster, patient-focused solution to healthcare for ADHD.  

Initial processes were paper-based, and once the processes were fully established and bedded down, there was a need to become more efficient and more effective. These goals needed to satisfy the patient group and the rapid growth of the organisation. The patient group, people and families with ADHD, are known to need immediate responses.

The Solution
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From initial patient enquiries through to ongoing treatment management for the patient, the platform was designed to meet every need throughout the patient journey.

The level of automation was designed to be high, to remove opportunities for errors caused by human factors, whilst being sensitive to the needs of the ADHD patient group.

The platform had to deliver across computers, tablets and smartphones whilst also satisfying data protection requirements and data security demands of a health care system.

The Result
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Overall, from conception to the present day, the results have far exceeded expectations.  Different stakeholders naturally have differing expectations.

Clinicians have seen their life become administratively easier, after all, they want to perform medicine not fill out forms.  The back-office staff have seen patient numbers grow without aligned additional workload pressures being forced upon them.  Directors have seen the patient throughout growing 4 fold without a need to increase the staff pro-rata, thus allowing for more inward investment. 

The overall impression of Chrysalis is ‘how did we manage without it’.

We should also be mindful that most of the team have worked with other platforms aimed at providing a similar function, and the feedback is that this outperforms any of those expensive, off the shelf products, and also, critically, allows all the relevant stakeholders to use the same platform to manage the patient journey. 

Chrysalis allows: 

  • ADHD 360 to see 75% more patients for the same company investment
  • Allows costs savings to be transferred to patients by offering stable pricing structures that need no annual price ‘hikes’ to cover additional staff
  • Improves decision making by clinicians by the presentation of clear data in a manageable way
  • Allows for patient data to be collated and presented in a way that demonstrates the value of treatment in a manner that is convincing for patients and other healthcare professionals alike
  • Increases the safety of patient treatment by removing human factor errors through the patient journey
  • Maintains patient involvement and secures attendance through regular emails for all appointments and matters of note.