Search Engine Optimisation
Case Study

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CKW Pro-Can didn’t have a previous marketing agency or marketing manager and as a result, they hadn’t established a digital presence. CKW began having some traction on LinkedIn after their team began posting some basic videos. Due to the success from this, Director Chris realised there was potential in their industry for traction and opportunity using digital marketing strategies. DISRUPT. Were commissioned as the lead outsourced marketing agency for our services in Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation and Unlimited Design + Unlimited Video Design.

The Challenge
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While CKW Pro-Can had a very limited digital presence already, our objective was to establish a full branding, new search engine optimised website, a social strategy and an SEO strategy. As was a new domain, starting with no domain authority meant we had to start from the ground up. This gave us the opportunity to head director towards the keywords we wanted to establish but we also had very little previous content, to begin with also.

The Solution
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We designed and built a new SEO optimised website for CKW Pro-Can along with creating complete site-wide content, again, optimised for SEO – aimed to target the niche that CKW Pro-Can is in but prepared to target some of the most competitive keywords in the industry. 

We also allocated a dedicated backlink strategy for both short-term and long-term success.

The Result
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As a result, we were able to dominate CKW Pro-Can’s biggest competitor to the top spot for their niche and gain instant traffic and conversions off the back of this; acquiring 70% of the traffic of their niche by becoming No. 1 for Can Twists & Rinser Unit. The next objective is to tackle the competitive world of conveyor systems and establish CKW Pro-Can as a digital leader in Conveyor Systems.