Website Development
Case Study

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As part of a new digital presence revamp and in preparation for starting a new 2021 SEO campaign and to increase the performance of a PPC Campaign, we joined with ADHD 360 to build a bespoke designed, user journey focused website aiming to increase conversions, showcase better branding and enable trust.

The Challenge
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The previous journey on the website and content within that website did not represent ADHD 360’s customer focus or client journey. As a patient of ADHD 360, beginning the process of ADHD diagnosis and treatment can be a daunting one, and we wanted to showcase how ADHD 360 had revolutionised ADHD in the UK forever with our bespoke built web app – Chrysalis. So for this website, we had to fully understand the client’s process, our client’s customers and the message in order to turn a very static, unsuccessful website into a conversion magnet.

The Solution
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We documented user journey flows and pre-build design concepts to bring the website to life before deploying. This allowed for very custom tweaks from the client and our client’s staff members, who all wanted to have insightful input into the website. 

We focused primarily on our client’s customers, and put ourselves into their shoes – approaching this subject for the first time. By doing this, we were able to overcome what we believed to be the bounce points for these customers. 

We used videography and photography to add a personal touch to the website and create enticing videos to help with flow and conversions.

The Result
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The results of understanding our client’s process and customers was exactly what we’d aimed for. Once we deployed the new PPC advertising campaign, we saw an instant rise in conversions and activity across the site. We saw an instant boost to SEO rankings before even performing SEO activity and general site feedback was much more positive. The end result was a huge success.