Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Achieving the top spot in Search Engines, as a business, should be one of the first digital marketing activities that you invest in and embark upon.

Answer this: Have you ever done any print marketing, email marketing or direct mail marketing? This is classed as outbound marketing and outbound marketing only averages at a 1.7% conversion rate.

In comparison, in-bound marketing such as SEO averages at a 14.7% conversion rate. That’s a lot more converted customers for your business!

SEO is a solid foundation to begin or grow your digital marketing investment.

What is SEO

Usually, a website get’s launched and business owners think “Yes! Bring on the customers!”. Then, sit waiting for months, even years, wondering why their website just never seems to attract people.

Launching a website without an SEO Strategy is exactly like opening a retail shop in the Sahara Desert… The result: No traffic!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and summed up, is a monthly digital activity that makes your website more optimised to show higher up in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and even YouTube.

The most popular search engine, though, is Google – with over 86% of the search market share.

AT DISRUPT, this is what we do. No matter where your web presence currently stands, we work with you month-on-month to rank higher, aiming for the top, for searches that your potential customers are searching for.

It takes an initial time investment but will pay off tenfold long-term and isn’t something that your business can afford NOT to invest in because your closest competitor might just be.

SEO Explained

Ok, so you’re considering an investment into SEO but unlike most things out there, you’re still not quite sure what it consists of and aren’t sure whether to put your trust into it just yet.

That’s completely normal at this stage with Search Engine Optimisation.
Unlike a painter… or a landscape gardener (to use radically different examples) The activity involved in SEO isn’t as well known as most things. Some people ever refer to SEO as a ‘black magic of the internet’ but actually, the foundation is really quite straightforward. However, it can be quite technical, and this is why SEO Experts exist.

There are 4 main pillars of an effective SEO Strategy and below, we have broken each one up so that you have a better idea of the activities that we do to help you.


If you want to know where you currently stand in SEO rankings, and a reporting on your current website SEO health – fill in these details and we’ll send over a bespoke audit report for you.

    The 4 Pillars of SEO

    Technical SEO

    Technical is a part of the basic SEO preparation but does need to be revisited as your site grows. It can seem daunting but really is how well Search Engines can read and operate your website. We use specialist tools to automatically analyse and audit your site to find errors and fix them.

    The focus areas:
    • Crawl. Can a search engine explore your site?
    • Index. Is it clear which pages the search engine should index and return?
    • Mobile. Does your site adapt for mobile users?
    • Speed. Fast page load times are a crucial factor in keeping your visitors happy.
    • Tech. Are you using search engine-friendly tech or CMS for your website?
    • Hierarchy. How is your content structured on your website?

    On-site SEO

    With your On-site SEO, there are similar crossovers with Technical SEO but overall, On-site SEO is slightly more geared towards content and keywords. In essence, this is where we align your desired keywords with the pages that you want them to rank for.

    The focus areas:
    • Keyword research. Understand the language of your target audience.
    • Descriptive URLs. Ensure each URL is simple and descriptive.
    • Page titles. Use keywords naturally within the page title.
    • Meta descriptions. Craft meta descriptions like they were ad copy to drive clicks.
    • Content optimization. Sensibly use keywords and variations in your page copy.
    • Good user experience (UX). Ensure your site is a joy to use and navigate.
    • Strong calls to action. Make it easy for your users to know what to do next.

    SEO Content

    The more that search engines advance, the more that content is becoming the deciding factor of your website’s rankings. A search engine optimisation strategy that revolves heavily around fantastic, high-quality content is a strategy that is heading for success.

    The focus areas:
    • Content for your services/products. What your business does and where you do this.
    • Credible Content. Why people should do business with you and value added.
    • Marketing Content. Expert content in your area of work

    Off-site SEO

    Off-site SEO is an activity that essentially results in other websites directing traffic back to your own website. Search engines still take backlinks into strong consideration when choosing their rankings. It’s done through a range of techniques but as search engines advance, there are good way’s to create backlinks and also toxic ways to create backlinks.
    Toxic methods CAN show results short-term but will cause issues down the line when search engines pick up on them. It’s important to have a proper strategy in place for backlinks and authority building.

    The focus areas:
    • Guest Blog Posting
    • Industry News Sites
    • Directories
    • Social Media Platforms

    We offer a Free SEO Website Audit to show how we can help, followed by a strategy based on your budget.